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It is in the context of preparing the current telecommunications for the post-quantum era, that the DISCRETION project arises. Our main objective is to face the new security threats coming with the advent of Quantum Computing through disruptive technologies, such as Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), to create a secure, robust, and resilient communications network for European Military Forces.

Aligned with a European strategy to overcome the incoming quantum threats to cybersecurity, the DISCRETION project aims to provide high-security encryption services to apply in Defense scenarios. Our objective is the contribution to the autonomy reinforcement of the European Defense in secure communications while allowing the European Military Forces to use the Radiofrequency Spectrum for their operational activities.

Disruptive Software Defined Network Secure Communications for European Defense

DISCRETION will design and develop an Optical SDN solution that enables secure, robust, and resilient communications for Europe Defense,
taking advantage of the high-security level and quantum resistance provided by QKD systems

Overview of our system

Initially, the entities (Alice and Bob) establish a quantum communication channel, usually through a dedicated optical fiber. Then, these entities start the agreement of a secret key through a QKD protocol, using the quantum mechanical properties of the quantum channel they opened previously.

From the highly-secure secret key distilled from the QKD systems, the entities can now use it for a secure share of sensitive information. This confidential information is then encrypted and decrypted via our own dedicated Cipher Machines, following the Red/Black Networks paradigm.

Additionally, an SDN orchestrates the routing of the confidential messages exchanged to ensure a resilient, agile, and flexible communications network for tactical and operational services by using Radiofrequency Spectrum.

Our Current Prototypes

The DISCRETION consortium is currently developing the components which will compose our final prototype,
including our own QKD nodes and Cipher Machines

An European Strategy

DISCRETION project follows a set of goals aligned to the strategy defined by the European Commission (EC),
and agreed upon between the Member States of the European Union (EU)

Our objectives and ambitions