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DISCRETION consortium is composed of 8 entities around Europe, namely in Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Austria
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An enterprise with experience in leading several activities for the European Space Agency, European Commission, and European Union Space Programme Agency. Services provided for commercial civil and military clients in the area of Space, Navigation, and Ground segment infrastructures. Knowledge of Software Defined Radio and Quantum Key Distribution.

An enterprise focused on the development of innovative technological products and services. Technological leaders in the Telecommunications market, with a great experience in the integration of systems in several sectors. Expertise in Software Defined Networks, in particular, to develop resilient, agile, and flexible solutions for network communications.

A research institution with vast experience in designing and implementing Quantum Key Distribution systems using discrete and continuous variables. Huge knowledge of required classical post-processing procedures for such systems (Information Reconciliation and Privacy Amplification). Intensive R&D activities on Optical and Quantum Communications.

An academic institution with a large experience in the design, analysis, and development of cryptographic and computational systems, with embedded and reconfigurable specifications, focusing on high-performance, including post-quantum and quantum solutions. Leaders and participants of several European Commission R&D projects on Information Security.

An enterprise focused on developing Cybersecurity and secure communication solutions. Recognized experience in functional assessment of cryptographic platforms/systems, in compliance with diverse standards and requirements. Background in technical audits for certification processes in Portugal, coordinated by the Portuguese National Security Authority.


An academic institution with experience in deploying and integrating quantum communication networks, using Software Defined Networks. Participants in European projects, such as Quantum Flagship and EuroQCI. Leaders in standardizations with participation in European Telecommunications Standards Institute and International Telecommunication Union.

A technological and innovative enterprise with expertise in Cryptography and Cybersecurity. Further knowledge on Software Defined Networks. Strong connection with academic and R&D activities in Spain and Europe, related to 5G, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, and Quantum Communications, with participation in projects, such as 5TONIC and MadQCI.


A research and technological institution with experience in multiple aspects of Quantum-Resistant Cryptography, including architectures of Quantum Key Distribution systems, Key Management Systems, and Post-Quantum Cryptography. Leaders and participants in European Commission projects and standardization on Quantum-Resistant Cryptography.


An innovative engineering enterprise operating in the Telecommunications sector, with experience in R&D projects and consulting activities across Italy and Europe. Vast knowledge and proven skills in emergent technological areas, such as 5G, Software Defined Networks, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Internet of Things, and Embedded Systems.